Travel picks up as gas prices plummet

POSTED: 06:34 PM MST Nov 20, 2013 

As the holidays near and fuel prices plummet, analysts are predicting a busy travel season.

In Idaho Falls, you can fill up for as cheap as $2.78 per gallon.

"(I'm) surprised the gas prices are $2.78. They're at least $3.78 over in Sun Valley,” said Frank Hall, who's visiting from Sun Valley.

At Idaho Falls' Shilo Inn, more people on the roads means more people stopping by.

"A lot of them seem to be just people just passing through with the families on little small vacations, stuff like that,” said Rebecca Andersson, general manager of Shilo Inn.

Michael Lewis says he has no trips planned now, but if gas prices continue their downward trend, it's something he'll consider.

"It's a lot better than spending $3,” Lewis said.