Update on Holbrook triple homicide

Sheriff says case is going in positive direction

Update on Holbrook triple homicide

HOLBROOK, Idaho - The Oneida County Sheriff's office is making progress on the investigation into the triple homicide in Holbrook

The victims were killed on the 4th of April and discovered the next day.

The bodies of 61-year-old Brent L. Christensen, 32-year-old Trent Jon Christensen and 27-year-old Yavette Chivon Carter were all found inside the home.

The home is located about 20 miles west of Malad in Holbrook, on 19,000 West, right off of Highway 38. Police say the victims were shot to death.

Also found at the home were Carter's and Trent Christensen's two little girls. Their two-month-old daughter was still in her mother's arms at the time the bodies were found.

Sheriff Jeff Semrad said Friday they have been putting in hundreds of man hours conducting interviews following leads and piecing together the details of this crime that shocked this close-knit community.

"Dog fighting, growing marijuana and selling drugs do not carry a death penalty," Semrad said.

Which is why Semrad wants to find out if these three people were killed because of their illegal activities.

While he can't mention specifics, he said the investigation into the dog fighting ring led to other discoveries.

"As far as connections go we found some, but this has a lot of different tentacles that we have to work," he said. "There are a lot of different directions it could go, so we're working on that as well as the drugs."

He says it's important to remember these things take time to solve. And while they follow leads, life still goes on.

At the scene of the murders, the scene looks very different from April's scene. The house is now foreclosed, the fences that held the fighting dogs have been torn down and the yards have been left to simply grow wild.

Local residents are also finding their lives getting back to normal. One woman said this crime hasn't affected her feelings on the area.

"I didn't like that part," said Diane Solcum while shopping at Thomas Food Center. "It was really bad, but I still feel safe right here."

Other folks shared the same sentiments. They feel safe and have a lot of confidence in their Sheriff's Office.

As for the two girls found at the scene, they are safe and sound with family. Sheriff Semrad said he and his office have spoken several times with the family, and they all think the girls are going to be just fine.

If you have any more information that may help in this investigation, you can call the Oneida County Sheriff's office at 208-766-2251. 

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