While the fee decreases aren't going to make a huge dent in your wallet, over time that money can build up.  For the city, the decrease means about $2 million in lost revenue.

The following numbers are based on the average of all Pocatello utilities paid.  Chief Financial Officer David Swindel said, for example, water usage during the winter is lower than in the summer, so this is just an average of the yearly paid amount.

For your sanitation fees, you will only see an $0.15 cent decrease.  For your fixed water fees, the fees assessed for being on city water, those will go down $0.81 cents.

For water usage fees, the average customer will see a reduction of around $2.00, and for city sewer, that amount will be about $4.00.

The total savings will average around $7.00, or between 9% to 10% of your normal bill.