Whitney Brown

Distinguished Student

REXBURG, Idaho - There are some people who are just contagiously happy. Everyone loves to be around them. That's the kind of person this week's United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner is. Madison High School senior Whitney reflects back on her high school years as she is about to graduate.

"My favorite memories would definitely be in sports," Whitney says. "Soccer's been my favorite throughout my entire high school life just because I make so many friends on the team."

Whitney always has a soccer ball handy in the car wherever she goes. Not only has it been fun for Whitney - it's taught her some important lessons, too.

"Working as a team," Whitney says. "When you don't work as a team things don't work out, so I think that's a huge part of life in the future. If you can't work together in a group then things don't really work out as they should."

High school life has been more than sports for Whitney. She has a near perfect GPA even with taking honors classes and being involved in orchestra, Key Club and National Honor Society. Whitney is known at Madison High School for her friendly smile and outgoing personality.

"I like making people's day – smiling," Whitney says. "I love smiling so I usually try to be happy most of the time."

As she looks back on her high school experience, Whitney has this advice for other high school students.

"Be happy everyday and look for new friends and always try your very hardest."

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