Who's that guy on that roof?

State trooper draws people's eye to a good cause

Cop on Top raises money for Special Olympics

BLACKFOOT, Idaho - With the Blackfoot Pride Days events in Blackfoot around Jensen's Grove, you may have seen a man on the roof of Tommy Vaughn's Grill. So, who is he and what is he doing?

He's eight-year Idaho State Police Trooper Horacio Caldera.  He says out of all the organizations he could help out, the Special Olympics spoke out to him.

This is the second year he's done this fundraiser, and he says it's more than just raising money for this good cause.

He began by climbing up on the roof at 7 p.m. on the Fourth of July, and isn't planning on leaving until Saturday at the same time.

"It's a really important cause and I think it's a really good organization," Caldera said.

And Bingham County Sheriff's Deputy Jake Johnson agrees.

"A Special Olympian is a true athlete and a true champion," Johnson said. "Win or lose, they're still happy to be there and they're still happy to compete, and they'll cheer on their opponent more than anybody else."

Caldera says he thinks about his niece and nephew while he's on the roof.

While they're not Special Olympians, he wants to helps kids like them who want to be.

"I do this because I saw the struggles that their families had to go through to be able to help them and assist them," Caldera explained. "Especially my nephew who passed away a few years ago. He passed away at the age of 3."

So he hopes these funds will benefit those families with kids like his nephew.

"I think everybody in the world and in the nation and in our state and community are, in some way or another, affected by a special needs person," said Caldera.

The fundraiser is happening from Thursday night through Saturday night. Beginning Friday at 4 p.m., you may be getting served at Tommy Vaughn's by law enforcement officers. Some officers took over for the employees and the tips they make will be donated to the Special Olympics of Idaho.

The money raised for the Special Olympics will be used to help with the cost to put the Olympics on in the first place, as well as medals and uniforms. 

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