World War II buddies reunite, again

World War II buddies reunite, again after 63 years

WWII Buddies reunite after 63 years

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Here is an appropriate story with Veterans Day approaching.

Two young men join the U.S. Army from different locations. The year is 1942. They meet for the very first time and become very good friends. But then the call comes and they both get sent in different directions overseas. We're talking World War II.

They lose track of one another, not knowing if each is alive and survived the war until November 7, 2004 when they met again after 63 years.

At that reunion, they were both 85-years-old. Theo Nelson from Bloomington, Idaho. Leston Axom from Bloomington, Indiana. Both had their appendix removed while in the service and both had hernia, gall bladder, and identical heart surgeries later in life. They also have grandchildren that share the same names. Todd Kunz is one of them. Theo Nelson is his grandfather. He passed away November 2007.

This reunion of theirs took place exactly eight years ago today, November 7, thanks to LaRae Kunz. Their second reunion was this morning. Leston Axom passed away today, also November 7.

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