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Athlete of the Week: Theo Dawson

Athlete of the Week Theo Dawson

Jackson Hole running back Theo Dawson earns the first Athlete of the Week…

Meet the female Nominees

Meet the female Nominees

The nominees for the 2013-14 Sports Line and Sermon Service and Electric…



NFL players in trouble with the law

Jonathan Dwyer mugshot

Maricopa County Sheriff

Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer is the latest NFL star to…

Celebrities who lost endorsement deals

Adrian Peterson mug shot

Montgomery County Sheriff Office

From Adrian Peterson to Paula Deen, plenty of celebrities have discovered…

Biggest sports scandals of all time

Ray Rice


The Baltimore Ravens have cut Ray Rice after a graphic video of him…

Racism in sports

Bruce Levenson


Atlanta Hawks controlling owner Bruce Levenson has announced he will sell…

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