Being a sports enthusiast can sometimes be a blast -- complete with possible arrest, threats of heavy artillery or the occasional use of tear gas.

There are extremes in every sport but when the discord is too great to qualify as a simple scuffle and the costs are astronomical, the results can be unforgettable.

Yes, we are referring to the seedy yet titillating world of the sports brawl -- where thrills can be found in the intense physicality and raw emotion that can sometimes lead to all out sports bedlam.

But not all sports brawls are created equal. We have compiled a short list of the five biggest brawls, which, even if you weren't lucky -- or unlucky -- enough to witness first-hand, will agree are definitely not to be forgotten.

Up first, we've got some rogue NBA players ... and fans ...

Ron Artest Indiana Pacers 2004

No. 5: Indiana Pacers vs. Detroit Pistons, Nov. 19, 2004

One night in Detroit, with 45 seconds left in a game between the Detroit Pistons and the Pacers, Ron Artest of the Pacers fouled the Pistons' Ben Wallace.

Rather than letting the officials sort it out, Wallace forcibly shoved Artest. After being pelted with a beer, Artest then leapt into the crowd where he attacked a spectator.

Many Pacers followed, only escalating the row. Announcers stated that Detroit had "gone berserk" and pleaded that security be sent. Scattered authorities began attempting to stop the most vehement participants but the atmosphere remained tense. The Pacers coach finally escorted Artest out; simultaneously shielding him.

The game was technically over because none of the officials could be seen anywhere.

Consequences: Artest was suspended for the entire season, amounting to 73 games and the longest suspension in league history. Wallace was suspended for only six games.

Of course, if you like your brawl with a side of baseball ...

Braves Padres 1984 brawl

No. 4: San Diego Padres vs. Atlanta Braves, Aug. 12, 1984

This series of brawls was more like a never-ending feud that was occasionally interrupted by the playing of actual baseball.

It began immediately with the opening pitch, when Atlanta's Pascual Perez hit a Padres' batter. When Perez was at bat in the second inning, the pitcher retaliated by aiming directly at him.

Perez waved his bat threateningly and the benches cleared in what would be the first scuffle of many. The Padres continued to throw at Perez every time he came to bat.

All told, there were fights in the fifth, eighth and ninth innings, as the fans threw beer and rushed the field to tackle players. The benches cleared numerous times and punches were thrown.

Thanks to the wonder of video and the good graces of the MLB, you can even watch the action for yourself more than two decades later on the MLB's website.

Consequences: Thirteen players and coaches were ejected. Perez and a few other players were suspended for three games. Five fans were arrested. Padres' manager Dick Williams was suspended for several days and fined $10,000.

Next up, what goes better with hockey than tear gas?

Maurice 'Rocket' Richard of Montreal Canadiens

No. 3: Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins, March 13, 1955

During a hockey match that will live in infamy, Bruins' player Hal Laycoe sticked Canadiens' star Maurice "Rocket" Richard hard in the face.