Banished by the NFL for violating the NFL's drug policy, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner will file a federal lawsuit against the league next week in Colorado.

According to multiple reports, Browner's agent, Peter Schaffer, is scheduled to file the suit on his client's behalf.

Browner hopes to be granted unrestricted free agent rights, claiming he wasn't aware of his responsibility under the collective bargaining agreement to submit to three drug tests he missed while out of the league.

The great aim is to alter the NFL's stance on recreational marijuana use. Marijuana was legalized in Washington and Colorado but remains on the NFL banned substance list.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reported Wednesday that the lawsuit includes "administrative complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming that the NFL's overall approach to players who chronically test positive for marijuana violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. Browner is expected to argue that the NFL at a minimum views players who repeatedly violate the policy as being addicted to marijuana, and that the league's handling of those players violates the duty to provide a reasonable accommodation."

Browner was suspended indefinitely and will claim he was unfairly placed in Stage 3 of the NFL's testing program because of missed tests in the Canadian Football League.

He refused a deal with the NFL that could have reduced his suspension to one year in November.

A Pro Bowl cornerback in 2011, Browner drew a check and will receive a Super Bowl ring from the Seahawks, he said last week.