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Latimore A Run-Away Winner For Our Athlete Of The Week (5/9)

Fast and speed are rules and words Corban Latimore lives by.  A proficient runner in the 100 and 200 meter sprints, Corban caught our attention by breaking records, but not just any record.  Highland high school's longest standing track record, the 400 meter mark set 39 years ago.

"I was really shocked at first," says Latimore.  "I was just focused on trying to beat the guy in front of me and as a result of working hard it really paid off to get that record."

"Just amazing!" says his track coach Darin White.  "I actually looked at my watch and I thought I had messed up the start or something because it was so fast, and I wasn't expecting it.  I knew it was good, but I didn't know it was that good."

With the state track meet just weeks away, Corban is not only concentrating on his performance there, but he's looking ahead to the future as well.  

"I talked to a couple of schools and I've been offered a couple of scholarships and I'm still thinking which one is best suited for me but most likely I'll run somewhere," says the senior.

Latimore's trademark is the gold cleats he wears on the track, a pair of shoes that not only look good, but also give him a mental edge.

"That just comes with the confidence of it all," says Latimore.  "Start putting on a speed suit, and you get gold cleets and next thing you know, you gotta back that kind of talk up."

But will those golden cleats give him an extra edge at the upcoming state championships.

"In all reality nothing really matters with that state championship when you compete with the best of the best because the best in all of Idaho are there," says Latimore.  "What I just look forward to is the competing with them and hoping to place in a decent spot.  The gold I just like the color of it."

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