Local orthopedic doctor finishes up fellowship with Cincinnati Reds

Sports Medicine, Dr. Nathan Rencher

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Doctor Nathan Rencher just finished up an experience of a lifetime.

Rencher is a local orthopedic surgeon at Summit Orthopaedics, who is back in town after spending some time working with the Cincinnati Reds.

"I just finished my fellowship up in Cincinnati," Rencher said. "Working with the Cincinnati Reds there and some teams in Cincinnati."
Rencher was born and raised in Idaho Falls. He went to Idaho Falls High School, from there he left to go to BYU for college and then to Des Moines University for his residency. After he finished, came Cincinnati.
"I took a trip out there at the end of my residency, and I met everyone there and I loved it," Rencher said. "I loved the atmosphere, I loved the physicians, loved the players, I just loved it."
Once he was able to meet everyone there, he was able to build connections and apply for the fellowship through the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and work with them for one year. 
"We went to spring training, we went to the Dominican Republic, and did some scouting for the Reds there," Rencher said. "We went to the home game, we did clinics, we did training rooms, so we were very one on one with the Cincinnati Reds."
Besides getting to hang out with some professional athletes everyday, and getting some front row seats to games; Rencher was able to learn a lot working with the team.
"I think it has transformed the way I think," Rencher said. "That's critical, the thought process changes and you see it in actions, you see the results, you see the outcomes are great, then you want to apply that to everybody."
And that's what he hopes to do now that he is back in the 208. 
"I think that, why should those modalities, why should those physical therapies be reserved just for the professional athletes," Rencher said. "When they can benefit everybody?"
Rencher hopes to give back to the community that helped raise him. 
"So sports medicine to me is just getting that active population active again, or keeping them active. That applies to everyone," said Rencher. 

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