3 AUSTIN DILLON, Chevrolet

Team: Richard Childress Racing

WHERE HE STANDS: 15th. Must win the Richmond race to qualify for the Chase.

RICHMOND RECORD: Finished 27th in his Sprint Cup debut in April.

LOOKING AHEAD: Dillon calls Richmond "one of the biggest short tracks we go to because the restarts are so intense and you can really screw a guy getting into the corner there if you duck under him and put him in a bad spot. It's a place where you have to be aggressive and then have a car that holds on late because that guy that you were aggressive to at the beginning, will come back and get you later in the run. A fast car makes everything easier for sure."

LOOKING BACK: Dillon battled major handling problems all night as he finished 24th at Atlanta. "It's been rough the last few weeks," said Dillon. "We lacked forward bite from the beginning, and despite numerous changes we never did get the problem corrected. I want to thank (crew chief) Gil Martin and everyone on this 3 team for working so hard. We've got a lot of racing to go (this season)."

ETC.: Dillon recently played a major role in a music video with Ali Dee. "We met at Charlie I Horse, the company that gives me my cowboy hats," said Dillon. "We hung out together at a Dallas Mavericks game, where she was a TV host. Then one day she texted, asking if I wanted to be in the video for her single, 'Just a Broken Heart.' I said, 'yeah, sure.' We used my barn at the house and the race shop. We really had a good time doing it."