Team: Richard Petty Motorsports

WHERE HE STANDS: 22nd. Has secured a spot in the Chase as a result of his win at Daytona in July.

RICHMOND RECORD: One top-10 finish in five starts.

LOOKING AHEAD: Almirola believes "if you have a guy running third or fourth near the end that is anywhere even close to the leader and hasn't won a race I'm pretty sure he is going to wreck the three guys ahead of him to win the race and make the Chase. It's just such a big deal to teams and their sponsors to make the Chase."

LOOKING BACK: Almirola rallied in the final 50 laps to finish ninth at Atlanta. "We had a solid night," said Almirola. "It was good at times, it was bad at times, it was just average at times. It was a good comeback and anytime you can walk away from Atlanta with a top-10 after the last six weeks that we've had, we've got to be really happy. On that last restart, I just went through (turns) one and two and ran wide open. It was like the seas parted (as he jumped from 14th to ninth) and I drove right through there. That was nice."

ETC.: Almirola feels "it should be a really fun night for us (at Richmond) because we don't have any pressure being locked into the Chase already. Richmond is another race track where tires fall off and you can move around there even though it's a short track. You can really make passes. It is a fun race track and I've always enjoyed racing there."