Soda Springs reacts to swarm of earthquakes


SODA SPRINGS, Idaho - It was definitely the talk of the town. Looking around you couldn't tell that nearly six dozen earthquakes were registered in the area in just 24 hours.

I stopped by the Geyser View restaurant today and it was the hot topic at about every table. Some people I talked to told me they had never felt something like this before.

"We were having dinner at my mother in-laws house and we were all talking and suddenly the mirror on the wall started rattling. But we didn't feel anything, just the rattling and we looked at my brother in law and said 'Was that an earthquake?' and we're like 'I think so.' So, they had to all check their phones to see if it was an earthquake and of course it was," says Charlotte Wilson, visitor.

"Felt the ground move, went and got into my truck and all of a sudden the whole truck started shaking. Then went into the fifth wheel. The camper was moving pretty good. That was a 4.3," says Deric Christiansen, resident.

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