Dog hailed as hero for taking on snake

A dog in Arizona is being hailed as a hero after saving his owner from a rattlesnake's bite recently.

The dog, bitten by a diamondback last month, was honored by the Diamondbacks over the weekend...the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team, that is.

Pictures of the injured pup garnered thousands of shares on Twitter -- and thousands more cheered his heroics at the game.

"Sit. Good boy! You're such a good boy!" said Paula Godwin.

Godwin was pretty much speaking the collective thought of the internet to her golden retriever puppy Todd.

This is what he looked like last week when we first met him, just a couple of days after he heroically stood in between his owner and a rattlesnake getting the bite right on his face.

"He took the bite for me, which is, I mean - I didn't see that snake at all.  I didn't see him at all," said Paula Godwin.

After millions of people "Ooed" and "Awed" at his swollen chubby face online last week he's become quite a local celebrity.

Sunday afternoon the Arizona Diamondbacks honored Todd now mostly healed as part of a pre-game ceremony today as part of the ceremony.

A six-month-old dog in a D-backs jersey featured alongside firefighters and EMTs -- quite an honor indeed even if it is coming from an unlikely source of praise.

"I think it's kind of ironic - the Diamondbacks are honoring him since a diamondback bit him," said Paula Godwin.

The D-backs realize that too as they mentioned in a tweet.

They might have even let Todd throw out the first pitch, except he'd probably be better playing fetcher, like the good boy he is.

"I think everybody loves a feel-good story, regardless of their views," said Paula Godwin.

Todd's honor by the Diamondbacks was part of the "Dog days of summer" game during which fans are permitted to watch with their canine companions.

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