Skylar Spinler

Skylar Spinler

Skylar grew up in Texas, but since she has lived coast-to-coast and to the far ends of the earth. There aren't many places left that she hasn't been- She's been to all 50 states, and 41 countries. She have lived in 10 states and did a few stints abroad where she  lived in London, Dubai, and Auckland.  

Skylar graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a BA in Digital Journalism, and she is currently attending Mississippi State where she is working towards a Master's in Science in Applied Meteorology. During her undergrad, Skylar took so many science classes they made up an Interdisiplinary Science minor (just for her, of course with approvals and a ton of paperwork!) She took fun classes like Oceanography, Natural Hazards, Chemistry and a whole slew of other Geography based classes. 

Prior to moving to Idaho, Skylar worked as an Multi-media Journalist for a newspaper, a freelance reporter for a local news station and as a sports reporter for a university all in North Carolina.

Here's a few things she LOVES:
-Travel (it's an addiction)
-My husband, Josh, and our two fur-babies, Zoey and Dior. 

If you have any story ideas or see any cool weather, feel free to contact Skylar via email or social media.

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