Ammon Fire Department honor's Sept. 11 victims and fallen soldier

Ammon Fire Dept Honors 911 victims...

Every year the Ammon City Fire Department honors the fallen of September 11, 2001.


This year they also honored a fallen hero. Fallen soldier Dustin Ard was honored today at the September 11 Memorial.


It is a touching tribute that has left many emotional on Wednesday.


“It's very sad," Ammon Mayor Sean Coletti said. "I never met him but it feels like a son of Ammon. We really honor and respect his service and sacrifice.”


Sergeant Dustin Ard was an Ammon native and son of former Ammon Mayor, Bruce Ard. Dustin passed away after being wounded in combat in Afghanistan.


“I served 10 years in the army prior to this, and we lost a lot of good men and women out there,” Ammon Fire Department Lieutenant Jesse Williams said. “Every single one is an absolute heart breaker.”


Inside the station were long banners listing every emergency responder killed on September 11, 2001. Williams believes it is crucial to remember those who lost their lives.


It's very important," Williams said. “This day means an immense amount to firefighters but honestly, I believe it means just as much to everybody else.  9-11 changed our country drastically.


Drivers who passed along the fire station on Ammon Road saw multiple flags and a fire engine with a never forget plaque.


“It gives you a lump in your throat and I just am very proud to be an American on a day like today, Coletti said.



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