Ammon updates 2018 Comprehensive Plan

City of Ammon sets new comprehensive plan

Ammon, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The city's new comprehensive plan, Vision 2040, will give the city a plan for many years to come. 

"The overall plan is long range planning," Ron Folsom, Ammon City Manager, said. "And that's the whole goal of even having a comprehensive plan is that somebody should be able to look at your plan and at least have a relative idea over the next 25 years of where the city its gonna grow and what type of development is going to happen in those areas."

The plan will focus on areas such as infrastructure, business and economic development, and technology among many others. 

"So the goal is actually kind of a fine balance between commercial and residential," said Folsom. "And both the type of commercial and the type of residential they might put because we want to keep our single family residential as our primary focus of residential. But still provide places to be able to rent in the city. And then commercial, we would like to expand beyond just retail into some of hte commercial aspects of maybe more professional offices for doctor's offices."

Managers want this to be a community vision and invite the public to share their thoughts.

"We really want public input," said Folsom. "It's important that when we have these meetings we have public input. When we do surveys, we would like their surveys. If they prefer not to come and talk in the meeting then to go on the website and voice their concerns or their ideas. And they're all going to be looked at. Everything will be considered at our planning and zoning."

If you have comments for the city, you can email them to You can also check for updates on their website here

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