Family owned Ferrell's going strong

Local mom and pop store going strong

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Clothing store moves to new location with new owners – still part of the family    

With mom and pop stores going out of business left and right, there's one in Idaho Falls that's bucking the trend.      

Ferrell's is still going strong, but it's starting a new chapter at a new location. There was a ribbon cutting Monday for the new story on Hitt Road . 

Ferrell's clothing store has been in Idaho Falls for 68 years. Theyd occupied their building on Broadway ever since 1959 when they took it over from JC Penney.

After 55 years working there, Brent Tueller sold it to his daughter and son-in-law and the old building was bought by a development group.  While it was hard to say good bye to the old building,  the new Ferrell's location is close to many other retail stores and offers some advantages.

 "There's a little bit better parking over here, a little more traffic," new owner Dana Wright said.

The store still focuses on men's clothing with close to a thousand suits in stock along with shirts, slacks and ties.

One thing Tueller hopes won't change from all the years he ran it is the family aspect. Most of his kids and some of their spouses and grandkids have worked here. He's glad it could stay in the family.

"We hope is stays that way. We want to be very personal land family oriented. We want to take care of people that way," Tueller said.

That's Wright's goal too.

"68 years, going on 69 years, it's an amazing thing these families have brought this business so far,
Wright said. For me it's pretty emotional . I'm an in-law.  I married into the family, but they treat me like family and that's what we try to do with our customers and friends and family that come in here, We really try to treat them like family."

Ferrell's plans to hold a grand opening open house coming up April 13th at  2:00 p.m.

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