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Idaho Falls City Club guest speaker talks about climate change effects on Idaho

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Some extreme weather in eastern Idaho Thursday was timely for the guest speaker at Idaho Falls City Club. Kate Gordon spoke on climate change.

She is the senior advisor on that topic for the Governor of California. Gordon wasn't in town to prove climate change exists. She is sure it does. Instead, she talked about the effects it is having on Idaho and what individuals in the Gem State can do to help out. 

For example, recycling. Gordon explained China does not take our plastic garbage anymore. Our landfills are filling up with plastics. There are certain plastics you can recycle, so she suggests we get educated on that and only buy products in those plastics. She also suggests we 'think' before we buy. Find products that are environmentally friendly when looking for a new car or a new water heater. Another suggestion is combining trips. 

Don't pick up the kids at school, drive home, and then a half hour later run an errand to town. Gordon highly recommends we all read 'RiskyBusinesses.Org' for more ideas. 

Gordon also said Idaho is ahead of the curve when it comes to renewable resources. The state has hydro energy, geothermal, wind, lots of trees, and groundbreaking contributions from the INL on batteries. 

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