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Idaho Falls Youth Symphony gives final concert of the season

Idaho Falls Youth Symphony inspires young musicians

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Idaho Falls Youth Symphony is wrapping up its season with a free May 1st concert at 7:30 p.m. at the Idaho Falls Civic center for the Performing Arts. The group was formed 30 years ago and has helped countless young people increase their skills land love of music.

Diane Solberg is the current director of the Idaho Falls Youth Symphony. Each Thursday night during the school year they have rehearsals for their Christmas and spring concerts.

These are middle school and high school students from all over eastern Idaho who have passed the auditions to be in this prestigious group

 "What I think is special is that it's a unique opportunity for the students to play in a full orchestra,” Soelberg said. “Some of them have that opportunity in their schools, but many of them don't. And so to play in a large ensemble with winds and percussion is pretty unique for a lot of them."

These young musicians like freshman Evelyn Lee don't have to spend their Thursday evenings at rehearsals. They do it because they love the experience.

"I enjoy being here with friends and making beautiful music and being part of something that's bigger than just yourself," Evelyn said.

Devyn Lyman says he enjoys being part of an ensemble that has so much heart, and he sees the value of music.

"I think music teaches us a lot of skills we don't get in school,” Devyn said. “It exercises different parts of the brain and makes us more well-rounded people in general."

Soelberg loves conducting and she loves kids, but especially rewarding for her is knowing the impact music has on their lives.

"I think it makes kids smarter when they're involved in music,” Soelberg said. “It helps them with so many things in life plus it's just great to experience wonderful music." 

Midnight May 1 is the last day for sign up online for auditions for the upcoming season. You can sign up HERE.

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