Idaho Power customers report scammers

BOISE, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Idaho Power Company says its hearing from a growing number of customers being misled by people selling solar systems.  Some even claim to be associated with Idaho Power.

The utility said some of the scammers are using Idaho Power's name to make a sale or gain access to a customer's home.

Idaho Power has published a list of things the company does and things the company does not do.

Idaho Power DOES: 
•    Support solar and other renewable energy choices.
•    Work with licensed installers to allow customers to interconnect to Idaho Power's electrical grid.
•    Conduct an on-site inspection for newly installed systems prior to interconnection.
•    Employ energy advisors who can answer your questions about solar and other topics.

Idaho Power DOES NOT: 
•    Sell solar systems or other energy products door-to-door.
•    Endorse or partner with specific solar companies—we work with all licensed installers.
•    Visit your home without notifying you first.
•    Have offerings where customers are "off the grid." Interconnected solar customers have separate requirements, but they still use Idaho Power's grid.

If you encounter suspicious behavior or unwanted trespassers, call your local police or the Better Business Bureau.   You can reach the BBB at 1-800-218-1001.

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