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Man arrested in Angie Dodge murder case

Man arrested for Angie Dodge murder

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - BREAKING: Idaho Falls Police announced Thursday they have charged Brian Leigh Dripps in connection with the 1996 murder of Angie Dodge.

Dripps, 53, of Caldwell, Idaho was connected to the crime through genetic research. Chief Bryce Johnson said Dripps has since confessed to his part in the crime.

Johnson said the case was resolved through genetic investigation that led to someone in Dripps family tree. Police recovered a slug of tobacco after hours of surveillance of both the relative and then Dripps himself. Police in Caldwell found a cigarette butt discarded by Dripps.   

The Idaho State Lab and State Police were able to confirm that Dripps was the person who left DNA evidence at the scene of the murder.

Dripps was arrested in Caldwell Tuesday by Idaho Falls Police detectives in Caldwell. He was taken to the police department there and ultimately confessed to the crime.

He is now charged with the murder and rape of Angie Dodge.

Police said it did not appear Dripps knew Dodge in any more than a casual way. 

Genetic genealogist Cece Moore said it was difficult to trace a very old DNA sample. It was compared to Dripps; family through common ancestors on a genealogy website. She found three people who were directly related to the suspect and were ultimately able to identify him as a common relative.

Christopher Tapp and Carol Dodge were both on hand for a Thursday afternoon news conference announcing the break in the case.

Dripps was being held in the Canyon County Jail. He will be transported to Idaho Falls for proceedings in Bonneville County.

Dripps has been charged with Murder, Idaho Code 18-4001, Idaho Code 18-4003(d), and Rape, Idaho Code 18-6101.


ORIGINAL: Idaho Falls police say they have new developments in the Angie Dodge murder case and have scheduled a press conference for Thursday afternoon. 


Angie Dodge was found stabbed to death on June 13, 1996, at her home on I Street in Idaho Falls. 

Police arrested and charged Christopher Tapp with murder in 1997. Tapp was convicted and sent to prison in December 1998. 

After many appeals and the use of DNA evidence, a judge amended the sentence to 20 years and was released from prison on March 22, 2017.   

The Idaho Falls police have continued their investigation since the murder happened. 

You can see a full list of the events here on a timeline of events.

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