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Island Park conservation group forms to protect wildlife

Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance

ISLAND PARK, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Activists in Fremont County have organized a new group, Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance, aimed at bringing attention to issues that affect the wildlife in the upper Henrys Fork Watershed.

The group said that as the area grows, it is important to educate and advocate to protect the native wildlife. 

"We don't want to stop human development, but there are things we can do that will help wildlife still be able to survive," said Jean Bjerke, a member of the Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance. 

The alliance said that wildlife is the "cornerstone" of the Island Park lifestyle.

Todd Lanning, the assistant manager at Henrys Fork Anglers, said Island Park's wildlife attracts people from all over the world.

"It's a mecca for trout fisherman and big game hunters; it's an outdoor paradise," Lanning said

That means there's a correlation between wildlife and economic development in the area.

"Because as you drive up the road, you're going to see elk, deer and moose that have been hit," Lanning said. "It really just takes an impact."

But most importantly, the group just wants to preserve the wildlife and educate the public on how to do so.

"I want my grandchildren to still see a moose out of my kitchen window," Bjerke said. 

The Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance is the only organization in the area that's solely dedicated to protecting wildlife.

The alliance is affiliated with the Idaho Wildlife Federation. It is the oldest and largest statewide sportsmen group dedicated to the conservation of natural resources, wildlife and wildlife habitat.

If you would like to become part of Henrys Fork Wildlife Alliance, email

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