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More property owners block Monkey Rock access

FREMONT COUNTY, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - UPDATE: The Fremont County Sheriff's Office says additional property owners have now lined up to completely close the "Monkey Rock" area to public use.   

All have now posted their properties as "No Trespassing" and most will be fencing their land to drive home the point.

The canal company that uses the water is also posting its canals as "No Trespassing." The canals are privately owned.

Anyone floating the river will need to use a public access point to both enter and exit the river.  

Additional information on rafting is available through the Caribou-Targhee National Forest


Original Story:

A popular place to swim and float in Fremont County is now closed to the public.

The owner of Monkey Rock has posted "No trespassing" signs around the area. The owner has also asked the Fremont County Sheriff's Office's help keeping people out of their private property.

The Sheriff's Office is reminding people that trespassing is a misdemeanor and will not be tolerated.

Fremont County officials want anyone looking for summer recreation to head to the U.S. Forest Service website.

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