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"Pickleball" on the rise in Pocatello

Pickleball craze rises in Pocatello

POCATELLO, Idaho - A sport that looks like tennis combined with racket ball, is becoming more popular in Pocatello, said Fitness Inc. Owner, Bill Davis. Davis is responding to the increasing trend by opening up seven more pickle ball courts in his gym. 

According to Davis, Pickleball was originated in Washington State by a state representative during the Summer of 1965. Davis said as this representative came home from golf with two of his friends, to find their families bored at home. They attempted to play badminton, but the shuttlecock was missing. They improvised with a wiffle ball and lowered the net. Davis said there have been reports that the name had derived one of the family's dogs, "Pickles."

Over the years, the sport has popped into different school districts around the county. Now, it's becoming bigger than that in Pocatello said Davis, as his new pickleball courts are under construction and will be finished next month sometime.

"We're happy about the expansion. Lately we've been coming here five days a week and playing for about an hour," said pickle ball player, Michael Vaughn. 

Vaughn's friends would even like the city council to open up more courts throughout the city. Vaughn said it's becoming more high on demand with the senior games. 

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