Late school buses frustrating parents but District 25 says its all good

Late school buses

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Some parents have been asking why buses keep getting their kids to school late. 

One District 25 student, whose privacy we're trying to protect, said her bus picks her up eight minutes late, so she has to run to class every day.

"There are always adjustments after the beginning of the school year that need to be made. We generally have those challenges solved within the first three weeks of school, and we're right within that time frame right now," said Courtney Fisher, the district's communications director.

With more than 4,000 students riding the buses to school every day, Fisher said the first priority is always safety. Sometimes buses run late. 

Fisher said if a bus makes a student late to class, it's against district policy to mark the student tardy.

"If a bus is going to be late, they work really diligently to let transportation know and let the school in question know those students are going to be late," Fisher said.

One parent posted on Facebook that her child's bus driver is taking up student's breakfast time by taking roll call for five minutes. Fisher said a head count is required, but not necessarily a formal roll call.

"Especially in the beginning of the year, it's required for bus drivers to take roll, so they can make sure that the riders on their bus belong there, so they get them to the right place at the right time," Fisher said.

School administrators are expected to accommodate students who are late for breakfast. 

Questions or concerns about tardiness or breakfast schedules are best directed to the school in question.

Transportation and busing questions can be directed to the transportation department at (208) 235-3227.

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