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Bonneville High School Presents Brigadoon

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - In a time when there's such a huge emphasis on “stem” in education, arts programs are thriving at many schools too.

One that's doing well is Bonneville High School. Even though they don't have state of the art theaters like the other two high schools in District 93, they're doing their best with what they have.

There have been challenges with the facility, but the director is grateful for the upgrades they are getting, like new lights.

"Our principal has made some accommodations for us to be able to keep up with what's happening at the Hillcrest Performing Arts Center and Thunder Ridge,” director Shaun Nicholes said.  “We're a 40-year-old building with 40-year-old equipment."

Another challenge with the play has been teaching the actors a Scottish Brogue -- essential to this play.

"We used the international phonetic alphabet and we go over our script and we make changes,” Nicholes said. “The ah's make this sound and the glottal stops are at the back of the throat."

While they are limited in some technical theater equipment, there are some special innovations, like an authentic bagpipe player for some of the scenes.

The choreographer took great pains to incorporate authentic Scottish folk dance steps.

Rather than use recorded music, there is a live orchestra.

So while this production has some limits in the facility and equipment, they make up for it in talent.

“Brigadoon” runs May 15 – 18 at 7:30 at the Bonneville High School Little Theater. Tickets are $4 for adults and $6 for students. You can buy them online HERE.

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