Million-dollar investment by Express Lab will reduce your wait time for medical test results

Express Lab shows new device

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Express Lab presents East Idaho’s First Automated Medical Lab.

With two years of planning and less than a year of construction, the laboratory expansion and automation project is up and running.

The laboratory expansion will make room for lab equipment and provides scientists and technicians with more workspace.

The expansion also includes updated equipment for microbiology, hematology, and chemistry with the robotic track system.

The automation system allows Express Lab to continually track specimens, and repeat or add testing if needed, at a much faster pace.

The million-dollar device was provided through Ortho Diagnostics, based in Raritan, New Jersey, which brings advanced technology to clinical labs.

This automation system is the only one of its kind in eastern Idaho. 

The easiest way to explain how the system works is that it is able to perform tube testing the way a lab tech would. 

The machine will not replace lab technicians but rather assist them with the high demand for faster lab work results.

"The lab industry is suffering from the availability of lab techs," Express Lab manager Lori Leask said. "More and more it is becoming necessary to find ways to do things faster and more efficient. This is a way to help us be able to grow without having to take on additional personnel."

The new device has been in use for about a month and increased workflow by 30%.

This is a big deal to the scientists at the lab because it allows them to concentrate on test results and send out lab work much faster.

For more information on how Express Lab and the automation technology may serve you, visit here.

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