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Authorities say man from Russia drowned in Lake Powell

PAGE, Ariz. (AP) - Authorities say a man from Russia has drowned in a reservoir along the Utah-Arizona border.
He was identified Wednesday as 20-year-old Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Kurganov of St. Petersburg.
Authorities say a group of 29 foreign nationals had rented three pontoon boats on Lake Powell, and some of them jumped in the water to swim Monday without life jackets.
Mary Plumb, a spokeswoman for the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, says several of the swimmers struggled as winds picked up.
She says the group was able to pull some people out of the water while others swam to shore.
Plumb says Kurganov was found in 9 feet of water.
Two people were cut by the boat's propellers as they helped bring his body aboard the boat. Three other people nearly drowned.

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