Renovations to Davis Field set to begin in June

Renovations to Davis field set to begin in June


Davis Field on ISU’s campus is iconic to the university and used to be called the “Spud Dome.” It’s been around for decades and even held ISU football games before Holt Arena. However, ISU recently announced they will be renovating the entire complex.

The Idaho Board of Education approved the renovation plans last week in Moscow. It will be a $4 million project and construction begins in June. University officials and Mayor Brian Bladd gathered at Davis Field today, detailing of the comprehensive plan.

The Soccer and Track team were also there to hear the announcements; all excited to hear the changes to the facility that they use nearly every day.

“Being able to host meets allows us not to have our track team traveling every weekend,” athletic director for ISU, Pauline Thiros said. “Imagine if we had a football team and we didn’t have a venue where they could host home games. That’s what we’ve been asking our track team to do over time.”

We’re told that this renovation is at least 30 years in the making. After these renovations, track and soccer teams will be able to finally hold sporting events here for the first time in decades.

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