Pledging to conserve water in Rexburg

Pledging to conserve water in Rexburg

REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The city of Rexburg is focusing on water conservation. Mayor Jerry Merrill is asking citizens to sign a pledge to conserve water.

"Basically, you just take a little pledge that says, 'I will try to take shorter showers, I will fix the leaky faucets, my faucets and my toilets and other fixtures in my house. I will pay attention to my sprinkler, my lawn sprinkler usage,'" Merrill said. 

It is part of a nationwide contest sponsored by the Wyland Foundation. Rexburg is currently in third place in its category. It is a way to educate citizens about how much water they are using and how to conserve it. 

"Water is an important issue to all of us," Merrill said. "And the more water we can save, especially during these good water years, more we can put back in the aquifer for aquifer recharge, then the better off we're all going to be."

That's not the only thing Rexburg is doing to better the community. At Wednesday's City Council meeting, the council passed an ordinance banning all nicotine products at public parks.

"That includes vaping, chewing tobacco, things like that," Merrill said. "Just to try to make the parks a more pleasant place for people with families so that they aren't exposed to different products that they wouldn't want their family and children exposed to."

The water conservation contest runs through the end of April. Click here to sign the pledge and learn more about water conservation. 

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