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Beware of suspicious emails from co-workers

CEO Scam

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Watch out for a CEO scam in your work or business email. The Better Business Bureau said it is seeing this type of scam quite a bit. 

In a CEO scam, a scammer impersonates a boss or any higher-up in the company you work for. The scammer is looking for ways to get company information or money from you or your company.

The Better Business Bureau said if you think something is suspicious, contact the person who sent it.

"If you got something from an employee or your boss and it seems a little iffy, take some time and look at that email," said Jeremy Johnson, the marketplace manager for the Better Business Bureau. "Don't hesitate before you act on it to make a call, contact that person, email that person yourself, saying, 'Hey, I got this from you. Is this OK?'" 

The Better Business Bureau said these emails could also have an attachment or a link that could spread a virus to your computer. Be hesitant to click on any attachment or link and contact the person who sent it, as well.

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