Therapy group expanding burn scar massage education to Idaho

Therapy group expanding burn scar massage education to Idaho

Over 2 million people are burned in the U.S. every year.

A massage therapy group from California traveled to Idaho Falls to teach locals specialized training in Burn Scar Massage Therapy.

You can find burn survivors in every state.

Right now eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center is the nearest care facility that treats burn survivors, the next can be found in Utah.

The Handle With Care Massage Therapy group is looking to expand its burn care knowledge to massage therapy clinics and spas to Idaho.

Denise Shilling, a massage therapist in Mountain Home Idaho, said she has taken the class twice and the information she learns is worth knowing.

Shilling said, "It's just something I don't think has been brought up to the forefront of working massage therapist. I think it's just an incredibly important thing to be able to have this gift of this education so that we can intern help other survivors."

Darla Johnson is also a massage therapist in Blackfoot and Pocatello.

She said, "Knowledge is power. The more you know the more you realize you don't know. With this class, we can help people in different situations by focusing on medical message and scare release. This gives me a whole different avenue to work with."

Jennifer Hartley is a co-owner of Handle With Care Massage Therapy.

She was just an infant when she became a burn survivor and knows too well how important this education is to pass down to the public.

Hartley said ”We use this class not only to help educate massage therapists about burn scars. We also use it as a way to let them understand there are so many different ways that you could get burned. We want others to understand the emotional trauma that is associated with a burn injury."

The burn therapists have gone on to work with children's burn camps, adult burn survivor retreats, burn units, and next up, World Burn Congress.


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