Third annual ISU Fiddle contest

Third annual ISU Fiddle Contest


The third Saturday in May is dedicated to the fiddle. Saturday was World Fiddle Day that celebrates the unique sound the instrument produces.

Saturday was the 3rd annual ISU fiddle contest in commemoration of the fiddle. Over the past several years, the contest has grown to more than 100 contestants.

Mackee Turpin, a seventh-grader at Snake River Junior High, has been playing since she was 5 years old. Now, as a 13-year-old, she has played in countless concerts and recitals.

“It’s build up your confidence and it’s really fun,” Mackee said.

The musical bug runs in the family. Mackee was joined by her mother Brin, playing the guitar playing beside her. Though Saturday’s event was a competition, Brin says it’s not about winning.

“They go out there and do well. They might not win and I don’t care if they win, but if they go out there and give it there best shot, then they’ve won in my eyes,” Brin said.

The contest began 3 years ago by Shelby Murdock, an ISU student at the time and who is now a fiddle teacher. Since it's beginning, the grows every year. The contest consists of 15 categories and divisions. They are broken down by age group, style, and genre of music.

However, all of the contests share the same love for the fiddle’s unique sound.

“Music touches you in a way nothing else can. Everyone has the different styles they like and it brings out memories and emotions that nothing else can, so music is pretty special in that way. That’s what I want to give to my kids,” Brin said.

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