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PBS features local automotive business

Local auto shop to be featured on PBS show

REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - PBS crew for the show "Start Up" visited Oswald Service and Repair shop. 

It may look like a typical day here, but what's going on behind the scenes is anything but that. 

“It isn’t a typical day, we’re excited because we have the PBS Show called startup here,” said co-owner Renae Oswald. 

Instead of toolboxes, oil changes, and brake checks, It was lights camera action for Oswald Service and Repair this morning. A crew from PBS took time to capture their story, but what makes this service shop so unique? 

“Oswald in Idaho Falls, it's just a generational family business. It's so incredible to see how it can go from a general service station in the 1930s to a very highly grossing revenue business the way it is now” said PBS TV show host Gary Bredow.

Gary hosts the show called "Start Up," where he travels across the country to interview small business owners to hear the fascinating stories of what it takes to build a successful business. 

What brought them to a small service and repair shop in Rexburg you ask?

“I actually have a Podcast, so when they were looking at Eastern Idaho and Idaho Falls, they found my podcast.” 

What Gary does for others, the shop does for east Idaho. The podcast, hosted by Renae Oswald, helps build a community amongst local startups. 

“We’re all struggling with the same things, we just all had a dream that we were following and it leads us to these businesses and here were are. So I’m fortunate to be able to tell those stories of our local entrepreneurs,” said Renae.

Oswald service and repair is celebrating their 80th anniversary, years filled with hard work, loyal customers and nurses...

“Not only are we fourth generation, but it’s four generations of mechanics married to nurses.”

From the first generation, the motto that would carry the business to success was established. 

“I remember of a story of my father telling me, there’s too much honest business to be had to be dishonest Kevin. So when people think of us, I really want them to think of honest, I want them to think of integrity and I want them to think of service.”

The next son in the family line to take over- is son Nicholas, who currently works at the Idaho Falls location. However, another brother is not too far behind. Eighteen-year-old Jake Oswald is graduating high school in a couple of weeks and is not ruling the family business out of his future.

“I like mechanic work, I like the people that I work with, I like the business, I like the culture around here it's phenomenal. I think both me and my brother are interested in carrying the legacy,” said Jake.

The episode will air in the fall, for more information click here.

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