Wednesday's Child awaiting adoption

Wednesdays Child waiting to be adopted

PORTLAND, Oregon - When Emma is singing to herself, and having a lovely dialogue with her dollies, it's the cutest thing to behold. Other days, Emma is working so hard to make sense of the rough times and changes she has endured, and really needs a family to rise up to the occasion.

Emma loves affection, hugs and feeling like she is a shining star. Her face lights up, her eyes light up and her smile sparkles. Sadly, that is a rare occurrence for Emma; she has been shortchanged too many of those special moments...

Intelligent Emma asks great questions! A princess in disguise, she loves all things stereotypically feminine and will don a dress any day of the week for any occasion. Her favorite color is blue and she has never met a Disney princess she didn't like. She is not one for getting too dirty, unless she is making glitter slime - ooh squishy fun! She is also a fan of horses.

Emma is an always-on-the-move child who loves playing on the trampoline and being active. Parents, be ready for action! Emma is learning about the world of relationships. She cultivates friends slowly as it takes her a little more time to understand how peer relationships work. Emma is competitive and really likes to win! She really enjoys Dodge Ball (and winning). Emma can also be very thoughtful and empathetic; mostly she needs an adoptive family who can make her needs their number one priority.

An excellent if not refined eater, Emma will eat just about anything, but goes for the "salmon and veggies" if permitted that choice. Emma is a reader and soaks up chapter books. She also likes to play on her Kindle and listen to music. Her favorite movies are usually the most recent kids' Pixar movies like Hotel for Dogs or Moana.

Emma is incredibly bright and easily processes information. She is at or above grade level but still needs an outlet for that extra energy!

Emma does have some pre-existing local relationships she will need to maintain in a variety of forms.

Emma needs a family's unwavering and thoughtful commitment with the clear signal that they are there for her no matter what, regardless of how big emotions may get. She so much wants someone to love her and is ready to love others who can show their steadfast dedication. She very sweetly told her worker that while she has a Christian faith she doesn't like to talk about it, and that "It's private; it's between me and God."

Emma needs a family that is willing to stick it out with her no matter what lies ahead. Emma would benefit from having a family that is planful and structured, gives her time between activities to prepare herself, and provides a peaceful home environment. Emma needs a single parent or two parent family that is calm and direct, as well as super invested. Emma should be the only child or youngest by far of only much older very stable siblings as she needs and deserves a family's entire focus and attention. Any older siblings will need to shower Emma with attention. Emma would benefit from a family that will promote positive attachments and model nurturing relationships. Since Emma is not yet legally freed for adoption, prospective parents will need a homestudy completed and ready to send to her worker for review and consideration.

If you are ready to welcome and shower your life upon a royal little girl who needs you so very much, please consider princess Emma.

For adoption information contact the Northwest Adoption Exchange


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